This is about God’s word, God’s truth, and the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. These as contained in the Gospel message were meant to be proclaimed vigorously and fearlessly, because it is about God’s revealed Word. To climb up the platform therefore, the preacher and/or teacher must proclaim God’s Word in affirmation of His truths.

In the End-time Prophetic Ministration Season, the type the world and the Church are in already, it will become abundantly clear that the one thing that humankind cannot do without is God’s Word, because His Word provides us with His truths. And humans were put on earth to live by such truths. The reverse is chaos and disaster.

Then the question is asked, “Where is the minister of God’s truth to a world that is rapidly sinking in the excesses of human society, and in rebellion against God? And the minister answers, “God’s Word does not exist to do my bidding. I exist to do God’s bidding and what His Word says.” In that regard, the only visibility the preacher can have is in connection to speaking God’s truths, and expounding His Word as revealed.

I am Ida ZaraGrace Iyen-Aghedo, called to ministry in 1995 as a prophet to the Church and to the nations.