This is a prophetic ministration platform. Its teaching is available for all and to any who is seeking truth to live life in this God-created space, called the world. No matter how many arguments are available to refute God’s Word, it does not change the truth, the hand of God laid the earth’s foundations and stretched the heavens out above.

“For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect (Romans 3:3)? There is no circumstance that will stop God from being faithful to His Word. If we apply His Word, and His Word is truth, we shall see the result of such faithfulness in our earthly life.

Christian service is first rendered by us to us, when we believe God’s Word and apply its teaching. This is the greatest service a believer can ever have. True, some have a calling to minister God’s Word, yet everyone who has believed is called to attend to God’s Word and use its truths.

The most important thrust of this ministry is to put out what God is speaking and revealing here and now, for the benefit of all. This truth will be shared on this platform mainly in the form of teaching, preaching, and in the form of books, events, and writings of all kinds. Such products will be made available, free or for purchase.